CEAD Progression

Progression routes for CEAD students

Typically, a CEAD student who is a beginner will start with a Summer short course, or an Autumn non-credit course.

Once you have developed the relevant skills and techniques, you can then consider progressing to an Autumn A/C course, or a CEAD University Certificate  programme - D+VI, P+DI, VAP. CEAD University Certificate and A/C programmes are not for beginners.

If you successfully complete a CEAD University Certificate  then you can apply for a place on the CEAD Part Time Higher Diploma in Art.  

For students who want to progress to a Degree programme, it is possible for CEAD Higher Diploma graduates to apply for Advanced Entry on an NCAD Degree programme or the equivalent. More information on Advanced Entry at NCAD

CEAD Progression Chart

For more information on progression within further education, please contact us at cead@staff.ncad.ie. We will be happy to meet you to discuss your options further.

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