Art For Care

Researching art and healthcare; and creating exhibition materials for the Temple Bar Medical Centre (TBMC), has been the focus for NCAD painting students, as part of ‘Art for Care’, a rolling partnership between NCAD’s Painting Department and the TBMC.

Case Study: Art For Care

Company: Temple Bar Medical Centre 

Type: Exhibition Partnership

Date: 2019-20

Established in March 2019 by NCAD’s Head of Painting Mark O’Kelly, the collaboration has resulted in students working directly with the staff from the medical facility to devise and install works for biannual exhibitions at the centre.

Speaking about the benefits of the collaboration O’Kelly said: “The students involved have already benefitted considerably from the experience of working with the centre’s staff. They have had their work exhibited. Some have sold artwork to the centre’s clients. Some clients have also commissioned students to create new work.”

Dr Juliet Bressan from the Temple Bar Medical Centre added: “We have always felt so privileged to have the partnership with NCAD and we are so grateful to the students. Our patients love what we are doing with the art - we have remarks of gratitude every day.”

NCAD painting students Sarah Beegan, Mary Kervick installed the first exhibition at TBMC in June 2019; and Season Dailey and Vincent Kelly created the second exhibition, installed in November 2019. During lockdown, students continued to create new artwork, which will be curated for future use at TBMC.

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