Undergraduate Year 2+

NCAD considers applications from candidates who wish to gain Advanced Entry to the second or subsequent year of an undergraduate degree. Applications for 2021 entry are now closed.

NCAD accepts applications for Advanced Entry to all of our studio based undergraduate degrees as well as to AD215 BA Visual Culture. The BA in Visual Culture provides an opportunity to study the history of art and design in a creative art school setting. This programme does not require a portfolio submission. For more information about the programmes see the School of Visual Culture section.

School of Design

AD210 Jewellery & Objects
AD211 Fashion Design
AD212 Product Design
AD214 Textile & Surface Design
AD216 Graphic Design
AD217 Illustration
AD220 Moving Image Design
AD222 Interaction Design

Submission of Mini Portfolio is Required when applying to these courses. 

School of Fine Art

AD204 Fine Art 

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Print
  • Media
  • Applied Materials (which is a choice of either...)
       -Textile Art & Artefact
       -Ceramics & Glass

Submission of Mini Portfolio is Required when applying to these courses. 

Applicants must indicate their preferred pathway from this list. You can apply for up to two pathways.

School of Visual Culture 

AD215 Visual Culture

Portfolio is not required for BA Visual Culture

Any questions? 

Please contact Shane in Admissions with any questions about Advanced Entry


Non EU Applicants

If you are not a citizen of the EU/EFTA who has been living in the EU for 3 of the last 5 years then you will apply directly to NCAD via our website. The application Process is the same as applying to Year 1. You will select Year 2 when you are making your application. If you are a Non-EU applicant then you can visit this Link Here. If you are unsure if you are if you should apply as a Non EU applicant please contact feesandgrants@staff.ncad.ie

EU Applicants

All Advanced Entry applications to NCAD should be made online through the Central Application Office (CAO) www.cao.ie. On the CAO application form you are asked to indicate the year and programme you are applying into and to provide details of your previous education including School Leaving exam results as well as any Further or Higher Education you may have completed.  You are also asked to provide details of any previous work or other experience that may be relevant to the programme you are applying for and asked to provide a reference from a tutor or other person.

You may put a choice of up to nine programmes on the CAO Advanced Entry application form, these can be from a mixture of  NCAD and other HEI programmes. When considering which programmes at NCAD to apply for you are advised to study the NCAD Prospectus carefully and to consider how your previous educational and other experiences relate to the programme of study you are applying for.

Entry Requirements

Entry to year 2/3 of a programme is on a case-by-case basis; there is no automatic entry based on any specific previous qualification; all applications are reviewed individually. Advanced Entry Applicants will submit details of previous education and other relevant information as well as a small portfolio displaying samples of their work. Some programmes may require applicants to have professional experience in the relevant field/industry.

Supporting documents

All Supporting documents should be sent by post to CAO. Make sure to include your CAO number on each document. Staff at CAO wil scan your socuments and upload them to your application. This can include transcripts, certificates, CV, personal statement to the CAO at the address below:

Adanced Entry, Central Applications Office,
Tower House, Eglinton Street,
Galway, Ireland

Note on applying to AD204 Fine Art

If applying to AD204 Fine Art, you MUST indicate a choice of either one or two preferences within the Fine Art pathways (Painting, Sculpture, Print, Textile Art & Artefact, Ceramics / Glass).

After you make your application please email us admissions@ncad.ie telling us

  • Your CAO Application Number
  • Your one or two preferences

We will email you back to acknowledge your email. 


All Correspondence on Advanced Entry Offers will come from the CAO by email. NCAD do not send notice of offers/rejections by email or post. Unlike applying to Year 1, there are no set dates for when you can expect offers. You will find that each College set their own deadlines and corrspondence can come at different times throughout the year. 

We may invite you for an Interview as part of your application to NCAD. These usually take place in April/May and will take place over Zoom. Interviews for Year 3 may take place later in 

You will know the outcome of your application soon after the interview in May/June. Course offers are made based on merit and the number of places available on a course. You may be placed on a waiting list and receive an offer later in the year.

For further information on making an Advanced Entry application please contact Shane:


CAO Deadline

Applications for Advanced Entry to NCAD for September 2021 are made through the CAO (www.cao.ie)  Applications are now closed. Applications will open in the Autumn for courses beginning in September 2022. 
The closing date for all Advanced Entry applications is 31st March 2021. 

Portfolio Submission Deadline (Not applicable for AD215 Visual Culture)

Portfolio Submission is not currently open for Advanced Entry Applications. See the Portfolio tab for more information.

We will be announcing the deadline for submisison of Portfolios in the coming weeks. Digital Submission is new for 2021. 


NCAD may operate a rolling closing date for Advanced Entry applications. This would mean that Applications may be accepted after the original closing date. Where places are limited, preference will go to successful applicants who have applied before the original closing dates.

Applicants are required to submit a Portoflio if applying for any of our Studio Programmes . 

What to include?

  • 10 images/videos of your work
  • 500 words to accompany your portfolio, in PDF.

How to submit your Portfolio?

For 2021 Portfolio submission to NCAD are 100% digital. This means you will scan/photograph/film your work and upload it to NCAD via a link on our website.

The Portfolio Submission platform is not currently available for Advanced Entry Applications. Right now, the platform is only available for applicants to Year 1. 

We will update you when the platform is ready. You will receive a notiifcaton email from CAO with details when the platform is ready. You will see that your status will change from "To Be Assessed" to "Interview/Portfolio".

Please click the link below to submit your portfolio

NCAD Portfolio Submission Platform

The deadline for receipt of Portfolio Submissions is 12th April at 17:00 IST. 

If you already have made a submission for a Year 1 Application

In this case you will be able to copy over your portfolio and edit it if necessary. This can be used your Year 2 application. You will not be able to edit your submission for Year 1 after 5th February.