Submitting Your Portfolio

Applied for NCAD through the CAO? Portfolio finished? Now you just need to submit your portfolio by the February deadline.

The deadline for submitting your portfolio to NCAD in 2022 is Friday 11th February, 4:30pm. 

The information supplied here is for applicants to first year on an undergraduate degree course at NCAD. Please refer to the relevant pages for International Undergraduate, Advanced Entry Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Part Time portfolio submission and application.

How Do I Submit my Portfolio?

Your portfolio must be submitted to NCAD  by Friday 11th February, 4:30pm, at the latest. 

The Portfolio Submission process to NCAD  for 2022 will be fully digital through  the NCAD Portfolio Submission Platform. 

The Portfolio Submission Platform will open on 12th November 2021, and will remain open until the deadline on 11th February 2022.

Portfolio Submission Platform

To head to the Portfolio Submission Platform please click here

What Happens Next?
NCAD will notify you via email of the result of your portfolio review by the end of March. This notification will tell you if you have achieved the necessary score for a conditional offer. A conditional offer is an offer that is dependent on your meeting the minimum academic entry requirements through your Leaving Certificate, QQI FETAC Award or other. If you do not receive a conditional offer, you may be put on the waiting list for an offer. Each year we make a number of offers to applicants from the waiting list.

Offers are made in August through the CAO. All applicants are placed on a ranked list based on portfolio score. Offers are made in descending order from this list to applicants who have met the minimum academic entry requirements.

Can I Carry my Portfolio Score Forward to the Next Year?
We recognise that our applicants put a lot of work into the preparation of their admissions portfolios. If you have passed the portfolio review stage but have not received an official offer from the CAO, NCAD will allow you to carry forward your portfolio score to the application process the following year.

Once you have informed us that you wish to carry forward your portfolio score, and you have given us your new CAO number, you will be eligible for an offer based on your original portfolio score and subject to the normal entry requirements and any portfolio cut off points in the year that you are now applying into. An example of where a Portfolio Carry Forward might apply is when an applicant fails to meet the minimum academic entry requirements in the first year of application.

I am applying from outside the Republic of Ireland. How can I submit my portfolio?

Applicants from outside the Republic of Ireland can submit their portfolio digitally. You can submit your portfolio as a .pdf, or as shared files on, for example, Google Drive or Dropbox. Please see our International Application page for more information.

See the Portfolio FAQ page for more information on submitting your portfolio.

Please feel free to contact us at the NCAD Admissions Office if you would like more information on the portfolio submission process, at