Sample Portfolios

A selection of entrance portfolios from current NCAD Common Entry and Direct Entry students.

Important Notice:

For 2022 Portfolio submission to NCAD will be 100% digital. This means you will scan/photograph/film your work and upload it to NCAD via our website. 

The Portfolio Submission Platform will be open from late November right up until the closing date, allowing you to submit your work at your own pace. You can save your progress and return as many times as you like, up until the deadline of 11th February.

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NCAD Open Day 2021 Portfolio Demo's

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Daragh Schokman

Scarlett Butler

Sarah Cunningham

Lia Foley Kelleher

Marika Sheridan

Juliet Webster

More Sample Portfolios 2021-22

Common Entry - Amber Moses

Common Entry - Lauren Daly

Common Entry - Ria Murphy

Common Entry - Sarah Cunningham

Common Entry - Scarlett Butler

Fine Art - Marika Sheridan

Fine Art - Alba Molina

Illustration - Kinsco Veszi

Interaction Design - Emma Chi

Interaction Design - Lia Foley-Kelleher

Product Design - Cian Pastor

Textile Surface Design - Isabel Balogh


Sample Portfolios 2020-21

First Year Common Entry pathway

AD101 - First Year Common Entry 

- Anna Carey

- Ruth O'Hora

- Cillian Querney


First Year Direct Entry pathways

 AD204 - Fine Art - Joesphine Sanne                                  

AD102 - Graphic Design/ Moving Image Design - coming soon            

AD103 - Textiles, Jewellery & Objects - coming soon                               

AD202 - Education & Fine Art/Design - Lorraine Keane                 

AD211 - Fashion Design -  Eva Flanagan

AD212 - Product Design - John Fawcett Peck   

AD222 - Interaction Design - Grace Maughan        

AD217 - Illustration - coming soon


Image credit 

All images for sample portfolios: Chloe Brennan.   

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