Support, information, events and portfolio courses to help you prepare your portfolio for NCAD.

Here at NCAD we have developed a comprehensive Portfolio programme to ensure that you have access to the best information and guidance at every stage of your portfolio journey.

Your portfolio is an important part of your application for an undergraduate place at NCAD. You will need to submit a portfolio for every undergraduate course at NCAD, with the exception of the BA in Visual Culture, which does not require a portfolio.

Your portfolio represents who you are now, as well as who you may become as an art/design student and, later, as an artist or designer.

Portfolio Website

Explore the Portfolio Website for information on how to begin working on your portfolio; how to prepare your portfolio for various study pathway options at NCAD; sample portfolios from current NCAD students; guidelines on how to submit your portfolio, FAQ's...

Portfolio Prep. Courses & Events

Throughout the year we offer events and portfolio prep. courses that will help you to develop your portfolio. The Portfolio Information Sessions, NCAD Open Day and the Portfolio Workshops & Clinics are all free events and are open to everyone - students, parents, teachers.

Portfolio Preparation Courses (Summer and Autumn). 

Portfolio Information Sessions (September). All welcome!

NCAD Open Day with Portfolio Demonstrations (November). All welcome!

Portfolio Workshops and Clinics (January). All welcome!

Important date for your diary: Applicants for September 2021 must submit a portfolio to NCAD by Friday 5th February 2021.

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Explore the Portfolio Website