Undergraduate Portfolio

NCAD's Undergraduate Portfolio Submission Process is now open for applicants to NCAD Studio Programmes for September 2022

We are currently accepting submissions from applicants from:

  • CAO Applicants. (Ireland, UK and EU)
  • International Applicants (Applicants who are not listed above who have applied directly via NCAD's website)

For information on how to submit your portfolio

Application type

This information is for:


Year 1 CAO Applications

Anyone from Ireland, the EU or the UK who has applied to year 1 on CAO

Submissions are now closed for 2022

Non EU International Applications

Anyone from outside the European Union or United Kingdom who has applied directly via NCAD's website

Click here

CAO Advanced Entry 

Irish, EU, UK applicants who have applied for Advanced Entry on the CAO

Click here

Portfolio Website

Explore the Portfolio Website for information on how to begin working on your portfolio; how to prepare your portfolio for various study pathway options at NCAD; sample portfolios from current NCAD students; guidelines on how to submit your portfolio, FAQs...

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