Recently-completed PhDs

These students have successfully completed their doctoral studies in recent years:

A collection of doctoral theses is available for consultation in the Edward Murphy Library at NCAD.  Inquiries should be sent to

Dr Lucy Hill - Activating a Posthuman Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm in Irish Early Childhood Art Education. (2021)

Dr Kay Byrne - An investigation of the crime scene photograph encompassing history, criticality, and practice, from forensic science to its manifestation in art photography (2020)

Dr Robert Clarke - Practice based project on exploration of co-existence of ephemerality, alchemy, queer aesthetics, and documentation (2021)

Dr Emma Creighton - Designing Learning: An Intervention in General Education (2019)

Dr Lisa Moran - Torn Subjectivity: the artistic response to memory and difficult pasts in the work of Miroslaw Balka (2019)

Dr Cathy Fitzgerald - The Ecological Turn: Living Well with Forests To Articulate Eco-Social Art Practices Using a Guattari Ecosophy and Action Research Framework (2018)

Dr Liza Foley - From Hide to Hand: The Leather Glove as Material and Metaphor in Polite English Culture, circa 1730 to 1820 (2018, funded by the Irish Research Council)

Dr Emma O’Toole - Objects, Spaces and Rituals: A Social and Material History of Maternity and Infancy in Ireland, ca. 1730 to ca. 1830 (2018, funded by the Irish Research Council)

Dr Rebecca O’Dwyer - Neither / NOR: The Problem of Writing About Contemporary Art (2018)

Dr Candace White - Materialising Modernity: New Buildings for Leisure and Travel in Ireland, circa 1920 - 1950  (2018)

Dr Stephen Cooney - Visual Tools for Comprehension of Music: An Intuitive Model Originating in Artistic Practice (2018) 

Dr Caoimhe Mc Mahon - Into the Wild: A framework to facilitate in-context prototype evaluation in the later stage of new product development (2018)

Dr Emma Mahony - The Critical Art Institution and the Neoliberal State (2016)

Dr Ruby Wallis - Coolorta - revisiting the landscape via lens-based art practice (2015)

Dr Alison Pilkington - Unfamiliar Terrain: An Investigation Through Painting on The Idea of The Uncanny (2015)

Dr Sinead McCann - Does it fail if it is only art? The significance of using live performance art to make visible subjective experiences of women parenting alone within the conditions of neoliberal biopower governance in Ireland (2015)

Dr Lucy Dawe Lane - Bochner's Intermittent Objects: Aesthetics, Embodiment and Affect in Conceptual Art (2015)

Dr Maureen Burke - Discourse and Ideology: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Irish Education Policies and their Impact on Art Education in the Further, Adult and Community Education Sector (2015)

Dr Moran Been-noon - Conflict and Conviviality: Creating Politically Engaged Art situations in Contemporary Ireland (2015)

Dr Owen Gallagher - Reclaiming Remix: The Critical Role of Sampling in Transformative Works - A Multimodal Semiotic Analysis of Rhetoric and Ideology in Critical Remix Video (2014)

Dr Andrew Folan - Grasping the Untouchable: Establishing New Realities at the Virtual-Actual Interface (2014)

Dr Máire Ní Bhróin - Formative Assessment of the Visual Arts: a study of the experiences and perspectives of pupils and teachers in Irish primary schools (2013)

Dr Christina Kinsella - Bracha L. Ettinger's Matrixial Theory and Aesthetics: Matricial Flesh and the Jouissance of Non-Life (2013)

Dr Margaret Fitzgibbon - Loss and return: exploring collective memory in an Irish family archive 1950-1966 through installation art practice (2013)