Recraft: In partnership with the Rediscovery Centre

Recraft is a contemporary craft based graduate business incubation programme located in the heart of the community in north Dublin.  For twelve months, three metals and jewellery graduates are given a free studio/gallery space, as well as mentoring, in exchange for a small amount of craft product to be sold in the Ecostore in Ballymun.

So why is Recraft unique? Recraft is the first green craft studio business initiative in Ireland.  Recraft focuses entirely on the use of recycled materials in the production of high quality craft product.  The Recraft studio was set-up with the invaluable support of the local town council, businesses and community network.  Recraft fosters the development of social engagement and social innovation as integral entrepreneurial building blocks for contemporary craft studio makers.

Following the NCAD Invisible Boundaries-24 Hour Design Challenge in 2009, Recraft was established within a new network of external partners who specialise in sustainable living and the management of waste resources.  The Rediscovery Centre has existing sustainability initiatives such as Rediscover Fashion and Rediscover Furniture workshops that compliment the Recraft model.  Together we work in the commercial world, where the development of craft product and artefact, as well as services such as craft workshops are used to generate revenue streams.

Recraft is an interdisciplinary design sustainability/social entrepreneurship model that can be replicated almost anywhere.