Contemporary practices in art and design

Contemporary Practices in Art and Design is a research strand that serves to support and make visible the creative and critical practice of NCAD researchers engaged in and with contemporary practice in art, design and craft. It is a complex, multi-disciplinary research strand that anchors a diverse individual practices and a number of disparate research groupings.

Theories of Contemporary Art: Situation, Modernity, Mediums and Philosophy considers the different theoretical and practical contexts within which contemporary practice can be situated. There are four main themes around which the research is clustered: Situation (space), Modernity (history), Mediums (form) and Philosophies (thought).

painttube is a research group engaged with and interested in Painting within contemporary fine art practice. painttube is connected to an expanding network of Irish and International painting groups and embraces current painting as a diverse practice and expanding field with reference to historical and critical realms. (

Participatory Cultures is a multi-disciplinary research cluster exploring: participation and culture across a spectrum practices in fine art, education, equity and social justice; questions of voice and authority in society and the politics of institutions; the ethics of representation and forms of resistance to authoritarian systems of knowledge production.

New and Traditional Technologies in Contemporary Craft explores connections between traditional craft studio practice and emergent digital technology - whether as one of a kind or production object, component part or artifact.