NCAD’s Art and Design Research Institute is a multi-faceted research and innovation infrastructure that supports a number of intertwined research and innovation activities addressed to a range of audiences and contexts - from the academic to the entrepreneurial - capturing and making visible the research identity of NCAD.

The Institute incorporates a number of strands of activity:

  • Innovation/incubation
  • Art & Design Consultancy
  • Scholarly research (including practice-based)
  • External Academic Relations (Associate Researchers and Visiting Professors

Membership of the research institute is conditional upon establishing research active status, and is judged on the basis of research quality, research output in the previous 5 years, funding secured (including consultancy), and cogency of research plan for the duration of membership. Membership is adjudicated by peer review, through a panel composed of external experts, representation of An Bórd, the Director, and Heads of Faculty.