Timetable & Assessment

What to expect each week

Week 1 


Typography and place 

An introduction to key concepts in location  branding, and typographic research methodologies  (identifying the typographic and linguistic  character of a location). 

Assignment: Identify location in Dublin for  typographic visual identity project.  


Unthink, branding location and culture. Unthink  are a Dublin-based branding design agency with an  indepth knowledge of Irish cultural branding and a  creative approach to typography.  

Week 2 


Typographic meaning 

Identifying and deploying cultural, historical and  connotative meanings in typefaces. Typography  and language: punctuation, casing, and language  guidelines.  

Assignment: Develop typographic voice. 


Tutorials, online 


Week 3  


Typographic systems 

Distinguishing different functions for typography  within a system, and assigning appropriate form.  Working with multiple languages and/or scripts.  

Assignment: Develop typographic system 


Guest lecture  

Aoife Mooney, an introduction to type design  and lettering for brands. Aoife Mooney is a  typedesigner who has designed fonts at Hoefler &  Frere-Jones and Google Fonts, and is an Associate  Professor at Kent State University. 

Week 4  



We will explore the purpose of logotypes (what  is a logotype for? Why don’t you begin with the  logo?) with the crafts of letterspacing and letter  modification for logotypes.  


Tutorials, online 

Week 5  

Submit final project 


Learners will be assessed on their own project.

Assessment tool % of Final Grade Timing
Portfolio of work 80 End of Trimester
Presentation of work 20 End of Trimester
Total 100  

Students will receive feedback on their progress in the form of formative assessments and informal feedback as well as feedback on summative assessments.