Weaving a communal narrative at IMMA

Talk, films and discussion about “Weaving a narrative” at IMMA, a socially engaged environmental art project by Sophie von Maltzan with NCAD Field and UCD Landscape Architecture students and the commu

Weaving a communal narrative at IMMA |Community agency through spatial activation

Weaving site-specific installations into the IMMA grounds during the Earth Rising festival at IMMA in October 2022, this socially engaged environmental art project investigates collaborative strategies to negotiate the environmental, climate and ecological emergency as well the current socio- economic crisis at a micro-scale. It explores how artistic and creative performative practices based on participative design can disrupt the outdated normative aesthetics and usage of our civic spaces.

UCD students from the School of Landscape and Architecture and NCAD sculpture students designed and built willow installations during a one- week workshop with local primary school children and members of the community. After the festival the willow structures stayed in place for 4 weeks and then were reused. A film was made of the journey of "the submarine" , the final willow sculpture to leave IMMA and travel to its new "forever home" at the Canal Way Educate Together School, where it is being welcomed and tended by the children who helped build it.

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Sophie von Maltzan