Pursuing a PhD in NCAD DesignLabs: Health

NCAD is hosting an online webinar for candidates interested in pursuing a PhD in NCAD DesignLabs: Health.

Online webinar, Thursday May 30th 5.00 - 6.00pm

To book a place, register at this link and you will receive Zoom details: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/nationalcollegeofartanddesign/1262153 

DesignLabs: Health is dedicated to advancing the field of design for health. We use applied design-led methodologies to create products, services, experiences and interventions that improve health outcomes and promote wellbeing. Working in partnership with the HSE Spark Innovation Programme we explore new approaches to design for health that prioritise patient-centered care and improve health outcomes. PhD students in DesignLabs: Health will have the chance to undertake cross-disciplinary research impacting the future of healthcare.

We’re looking for PhD candidates interested in topics such as:

  • Enabling the Transfer of Design-Based Solutions Between Healthcare Sites
  • Design as a healthcare intervention: The Impact of Designer Integration on User Experience and Innovation in Hospital Environments
  • The Impact of Collaborative Design on Playful Environments in Children's Hospitals
  • Visual Communication as a Challenge in Healthcare Design

This workshop will provide an overview of:

  • NCAD DesignLabs: Health and our unique design-led research environment
  • Key PhD topics of interest and the type of cross-disciplinary design-led research we’re interested in 
  • Potential IRC funding opportunities supported by HSE Spark

Learn more about NCAD DesignLabs: Health

This workshop is open to all, including current NCAD students and anyone interested in pursuing a PhD in DesignLabs: Health at NCAD. Following the session, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss potential applications with NCAD’s Research Office.  

Contact Ally D'Astolfo, Research Officer at dastolfoa@staff.ncad.ie with any questions.