NCAD announces changes to a number of its postgraduate programmes

Classes for incoming students on some MA / MFA programmes in Design and Visual Culture at NCAD will commence in January 2021.

NCAD announces changes to a number of its postgraduate programmes

Classes for incoming students on the following MA / MFA programmes at NCAD will commence in January 2021:


School of Design

-       MA Communication Design (18 months)

-       MA Design for Body and Environment (18 months)

-       MA Product Design (18 months)


School of Visual Culture

-       MA Design History and Material Culture (12 months)

-       MA/MFA Art in the Contemporary World (12 months and 18 months)


School of Fine Art

-       MFA Fine Art MFA (24 months)  


These long-standing programmes will continue to offer a full and rich learning experience with full time postgraduate students in the School of Visual Culture completing their studies after 12 months in January 2021, and MA and MFA students in the School of Fine Art and School of Design finishing in May 2021. (Two year part time study, where offered, will be available according to this new starting timetable).

This change to the start of teaching will allow the College to make some updates to curriculum in light of a post-Covid learning environment.

It also allows plans for new flexible and intensive approaches to postgraduate learning to be accelerated and introduced in 2021.

In particular, students on these postgraduate programmes will have the opportunity to study a new suite of late spring / early summer modules including a Summer School with professional artists and designers. These new opportunities will allow for new collaborative projects to be undertaken by mixed groups of postgraduate artists, designers, writers and historians. Many of these projects will have public outcomes and profit from the strong professional partnerships that the college has with arts organisations in Dublin and abroad. Full details of our programme of ‘Summer Intensives’ will be announced in September 2020.   

Current applicants who are offered a place on these programmes will have opportunities to participate in optional preparatory classes, enjoy tutorial support, and to have library access during the course of autumn 2020. With a head start on the skills and ideas which will be critical to their studies, they will be well prepared at the start of 2021.

Our Professional Master in Education (Art & Design), MSc Medical Device Design, MA Interaction Design and MA Service Design programmes are unchanged by this announcement and will commence as advertised in autumn 2020.

Places are still available on a number of these programmes.

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