it turns out / it appears to be / an inside job - a solo exhibition by Kay Bear Koss

Koss writes, the exhibition "is part of a larger ongoing body of research informed by Mark Johnson’s theories on Embodied Cognition"

The selected works, comprising large sculptural and video pieces, "invite the viewer to a dialogue that engages specific cognitive systems or processes within psychosocial and physiological areas of study".

Kay Bear Koss is an artist, writer, musician and curator who has worked with community-based non-profit organisations and arts projects in several different countries over the past fifteen years. Kay came to Ireland from Tucson, Arizona in 2004 to complete an MFA in Virtual Realities at NCAD, and has been exhibiting and working from Dublin ever since, founding several studio and art centres throughout Dublin. Kay is openly transgender and using art practice and research to investigate and clarify what that means personally, as well as in relationship to other people and a greater socio-cultural context.

The exhibition is organised as part of an exchange agreement between Moxie Studios and NCAD and runs until Thursday 27th March 2014.