Guzzle, a new art and food publication

Launch on 20th November at Hen's Teeth

Created by NCAD graduates Shane Bonfield, Jane Gleeson and Rudy De Souza, Guzzle launches on Sunday, 20 November at Hen's Teeth and limited copies will be available to buy from The Library Project, Marlowe & Co., and through the magazine’s website at

As the Guzzle editors say “We all eat - food is critical to our social, cultural and physical makeup. The foods that we consume can tell stories about the times that we have lived through, from rations enforced during World War II as a reflection of Britain’s economic stability to the uptake of microwaves in the 1970s that unintentionally acted as a tool to enable women to move from the home into the workplace. Guzzle will document pivotal moments in society by telling stories through gastronomy and visual culture lenses.“

Issue One: Mementoes of Food shares stories from chaotic kitchens to dining traditions that prevail during times of sorrow. Featured contributors include Samuel Arnold Keane, Cathryn Bell, Rebecca Broomfield, Enda Burke, Diarmuid Cawley, Dan Conroy, Eoghan Conway, Julia Gelezova, Jane Gleeson, Lara Hanlon, Lotte Magnus, Amy McKeogh, Jennie Moran, Victory Nwabu-Ekeoma and Ian Ryan. Guzzle will present a new series of photographic works by Rudy DeSouza and illustrations by Conor Nolan, Zie Kirk, and Stacy Kim.

Guzzle is an annual print publication created by Above the Fold. The first issue was made possible through the Agility Award Arts Council funding.