Future Makers Awards 2021

NCAD Recent Graduates and Alumni Honoured at Future Makers Awards 2021

Congratulations to the NCAD recent graduates and alumni honoured at The Design & Crafts Council Ireland's Future Makers Awards this week.

Awarding makers, designers and craftspeople who will shape the future of the sector, Future Makers is an initiative which recognises talent, innovation and creativity and supports the next generation of makers, designers and craftspeople to take the step from training into enterprise.


Overall Future Makers Winners 2021

Emerging Maker Winner Chloe Lennon @chloelennonceramics


Emerging Makers - Winners and Recipients

Lucy O Brien @lucyobrientextiles

Eva Lynch @evalynchdesign

Siofra Caherty @jumpthehedges


Student & Recent Graduates - Winners and Recipients

Amy Kerr @ak.textiles

Cliona McLoughlin @clionas_notebook

Louise Cleary @louiseclearydesigns

Lia Cowan @liacowandesign


Shortlised NCAD recent graduates and alumni

Caoimhe Murphy @caoimhe.murphy.design

Aisling McGloughlin @aislingmcgloughlin

Fiona Harrington @fiharrington


Watch the award ceremony here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmgUUS-TkqU

Find out more: https://www.futuremakers.ie/