Credit Suisse Mural Commission. Paula Leimane

Fine artist Paula Leimane finally had the chance to see the stunning mural she created for Credit Suisse's headquarters at Spencer Dock


In 2021, Credit Suisse approached National College of Art and Design to create a public artwork for their Irish headquarters in the International Finance Services Centre district in Dublin. They required a mural artwork for their large ground floor reception area. The NCAD Innovation and Engagement Department has extensive experience working on these types of public art projects. The project took three months to create and was installed in 2022.

Credit Suisse required a contemporary mural artwork to span a 13 x 3.5 metre wall. They challenged NCAD students to explore and develop site specific visual ideas. 

The opportunity was presented as an art and design competition to third year students enrolled in NCAD Studio+. Studio+ is an optional additional year of study whereby NCAD students can elect to take modules where they can gain work experience working for a small portfolio of NCAD external partners.

Paula Leimane was selected as the overall winning student artist. Her artwork was the conclusion of an historical and visual research investigation into the former natural wetlands and waterways at Dublin port.

Paula’s artwork was digitally printed on high quality vinyl before being installed by a professional contractor at Credit Suisse. The idea here is that the mural can easily be removed and replaced at some point in the future, opening up further opportunities for Credit Suisse and NCAD to collaborate.

Having been overseas after she graduated in 2022, Paula recently returned home and had the opportunity to visit Credit Suisse and see her artwork for the first time. 



How does it feel to see your artwork transformed into a large mural by Credit Suisse? Can you describe the emotions you experienced when you first saw it completed?

Seeing my public artwork finally installed at a site like the Credit Suisse Dublin docklands building is wonderful. Their interior decor and my mural work so well together, it’s a real treat for the eyes. Being able to say ‘That’s my artwork.’ in this rather grand building is very satisfying.

What do you think this opportunity will mean for your career as an emerging fine artist? 

This project is a highlight in my artistic career. I’m very glad and lucky to have studied for my BA Fine Arts degree at NCAD. It’s how I got this amazing opportunity. The Credit Suisse Mural project was a real- world learning project that was offered to students doing the optional NCAD Studio+ year. During your studies you get to work for NCAD network partners. It really opened my eyes to the amount of work and manpower it takes to create and deliver an artwork of this very large scale. The overall experience is already something that informs my creative practice. 

How do you plan to leverage this significant accomplishment in your future endeavours as an artist? Are there specific goals or projects you're now inspired to pursue?

Through the NCAD & Credit Suisse Mural project I’ve gained a lot of confidence, knowledge and experience. I feel like anything is possible if you show enough passion and care for what you create. This accomplishment made me realise there are lots of other opportunities for artists like me. My goal is to continue making unique and original artwork. 

Reflecting on the journey from creating your artwork to seeing it realised on such a grand scale, what advice would you give to other young artists aspiring to achieve similar opportunities in their careers?

My advice to young artists aspiring to achieve similar opportunities is just to keep making. It’s amazing what you can come up with when you allow yourself to make freely, without being too judgmental too early. 

It was also so important for me to have NCAD lecturer support throughout my degree. I wouldn’t have achieved success in this project without the encouragement of my NCAD Studio+ tutor Taffina Flood.

About this partnership and Paula Leimane’s project:

- Taffina Flood, Fine Art Studio+ at NCAD, said: "Delighted for Paula, FA Studio+ and the college. Thanks to Derek Mc Garry for facilitating it with Credit Suisse".

- Ian Dermody, JLL, commented: "It is a feature we are very proud of in Dockline".


NCAD Moving Image Design Studio+ students recorded the mural production and installation process. Watch this video on our Instagram channel.