Stranger Fictions | Remaining Useful Life

Workshop: Writer & artist Jessica Foley (Stranger Fictions) with catalysts Harun Siljak (EDGE Fellow) and Anne Kelly (Curator, NCAD Gallery).

Friday, 30th November - Friday, 30th November 2018

Stranger Fictions writing workshops by artist writer Jessica Foley foster and exercise creativity, honesty, diversity and ethical courage in STEM research, and are co-devised with Harun Siljak and Linda Ryan as part of the EDGE Fellowship training and development programme. The Stranger Fictions // Remaining Useful Life workshop event is organised as part of the NCAD Gallery programme on the occasion of the, Infrastructures of Now, exhibition 21 Sept - 30 Nov 2018, curated by Anne Kelly, NCAD Gallery Curator.
The RUL of a system or a component is defined as the length from the current time to the end of its useful life and it can be used to characterize system current health status.”*

SEED: Remaining Useful Life (RUL)
CATALYSTS: Harun Siljak (EDGE Fellow) and Anne Kelly (Curator, NCAD Gallery)
HOST: National College of Art and Design (NCAD) Gallery.
DATE & TIME: Friday 30 November, from 2.30 — 4.30 pm
LOCATION: NCAD Gallery, National College of Art and Design, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin D08 K521, Ireland.  
BOOKING: This workshop is limited to 12 participants. You will be notified of a secured place within a day of booking.
If you are coming from / through NCAD's network, please book your place at this LINK
If you are an EDGE Fellow, please book your place at this LINK.

This session of Stranger Fictions opens up a conversation between the worlds of engineering and art & design practices and approaches to making in the 21st century. We will take the engineering research field of Remaining Useful Life as our point of departure, exploring how this term can be interpreted across various kinds of research and practice.
The session will be seeded by Dr. Harun Siljak (EDGE Fellow and RUL specialist) and Anne Kelly (NCAD Gallery curator) and will explore the technicalities and poetics of this this most beguiling and imminent phrase. This conversation will be staged amongst the Infrastructures of Now exhibition at the NCAD Gallery, curated by Anne Kelly.
Our conversations will ebb into writing games and reading. In this instance, we will adapt the genre of technical writing to surprise ourselves with details of the remaining useful life of 'infrastructures of now'... 
Practicalities: Please bring a pen and notebook, any other writing materials required will be provided.
Please be advised that the session will be recorded. We will provide details and consent forms during the lunch break following the Leaders in Research session, from 12.30 – 1.30pm, LINK. We’ll be happy to chat with you about any issues relating to privacy and possible future use of the recordings at this time..
*Xiongzi, C., Jinsong, Y., Diyin, T. and Yingxun, W., 2011, August. Remaining useful life prognostic estimation for aircraft subsystems or components: A review. In Electronic Measurement & Instruments (ICEMI), 2011 10th International Conference on (Vol. 2, pp. 94-98). IEEE.
Image composite by Jessica Foley: (clockwise) RUL reference, actor James Stewart in 'No Highway in the Sky' (1951), Parthenon Sculpture (c.447 — 438) fragment copy made in 1949 (NCAD Collection) from the exhibition, Infrastructures of Now, NCAD Gallery exhibition, 21 September — 30 November 2018, curated by Anne Kelly, NCAD Gallery Curator.

Artist Biography
Jessica Foley works as a writer, transdisciplinary researcher and practitioner. She is a co-founding member of the Orthogonal Methods Group and is currently writer-in-residence at CONNECT, the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Future Networks and Communications. The Orthogonal Methods Group are unique in this context, bringing creative arts practices, critical pedagogy, feminist STS and new materialisms, new media scholarship and anthropology into critical conversation with science and technology research and industry.
Since 2013, Jessica has pioneered a research-creation method called Engineering Fictions with engineering researchers and artists. Engineering Fictions, and its twin Stranger Fictions, is a writing workshop that embraces the power of fiction and writing to foster and exercise creativity, honesty, diversity and ethical courage in Science and Technology research and industry.
Working contingently with people and contexts, materials and texts from across the worlds of contemporary art and design, education and engineering, Jessica’s work focuses on opening up possibilities for embodied criticality and creative thinking and practices in ways that can support processes of change, healthy relations of difference and the enlargement of generosity and community. Jessica’s transdisciplinary practice is informed by her education in Graphic Design (B.Des. LSAD), Art and Design Education (H.Dip. LSAD), Contemporary Art (MA Art in the Contemporary World, NCAD)  and Telecommunications Engineering (PhD. CTVR/TCD). In October 2018, Jessica will begin a two-year Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship with Maynooth University, exploring the function of fiction in parsing the worlds of ‘smart cities’ and ‘internet of things’.
NCAD Gallery National College of Art & Design, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin, D08 K521, Ireland.
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