Infinite Becomings

The NCAD Gallery announces the LUCIDA Collective as the winner of the 2020 Graduate Open Call 2021 presenting their exhibition, Infinite Becomings.

Tuesday, 13th April - Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Infinite Becomings is a hybrid. It takes shape as a site-specific installation that extends beyond physical geographic limits as a zine and web archive. Augmented Reality filters which can be used with all forms of the work, bridge the gap between digital and physical space. Infinite Becomings exists as a multiplicity, shifting between physical, digital and relational forms. Each exists in tandem with the other, to form a collective whole. 

Image: LUCIDA Collective (L-R: Michaela Nash, Eileen Mantel, Katie Whyte, Jane Tonra, Lydia Hickey, Silvia Koistinen), Infinite Becomings (13 April - 11 May, 2021) installation progress in NCAD Gallery, 2021. 

WATCH EXHIBITION VIDEO WALKTHROUGH LINK ~ Infinite Becomings, 6pm, Wed 14 April, 2021.

Infinite Becomings began as a process, a pre-existing method of working framed by the writing of Peter Osborne. The Lucida Collective prioritise growing ‘processes’ over the finished forms of ‘objects’. Each idea or draft becomes a fragment; an initial ‘finite form’ that is an origin to an ‘infinite’ growth of multiplicities. By valuing the artwork as a process over an object; these incomplete fragments manifest into an ‘artistic process of infinite becomings’¹. This conceptual framework nurtured the influx of collective practices and adaptations to making during the Covid-19 pandemic. It continues to nourish their collaborative processes, where through discussions; a fragment becomes remixed and remade into layers and layers and layers of infinite becomings.

Infinite Becomings is a space where thoughts and ideas are nurtured. Discarded, resting, gestating, unfurling fragments of process inhabit the space in three-dimensional form. Fragments include; floating frames, glitching images, quiet light, living terrariums, lost statues, and sculptural poems. Each fragment connects to coalesce into one whole ‘state of becoming’². This collective stream of consciousness has grown into being along the gallery walls, becoming an expanded brainstorm; an exhibition as notebook. From outside, the NCAD Gallery window will frame and shape the installation, giving passers-by an insight into the process of the works as they develop.

¹,² Peter Osborne, Anywhere Or Not at All: Philosophy of Contemporary Art, London: Verso, 2013

Viewers can connect digitally to Infinite Becomings via AR filters. The AR filters allow visuals to appear over physical work while using a smartphone, revealing a digital layer of development from each fragment. Both reflect LUCIDA Collective's new adaptations to the pandemic; where encounters with artwork, the forms they take and spaces they occupy fluctuate between the physical and digital. The AR filters can be used in situ through the Gallery window and over images in the Infinite Becomings Zine. >>> Scroll down for AR infographics guidance on how to view. <<<

This is the first iteration in a series of Infinite Becomings' growth. It exists as a physical entity in the NCAD Gallery space from the 13 April to 11 May, 2021. Each new layer of development will manifest in a new propagator space. LUCIDA Collective archive their process from this central online archive. This website archive will hold fragments of works in process, video documentation of the install and a series of podcasts exploring their key concepts.

'Lucida' began through weekly zoom calls between friends scattered around Ireland. The Infinite Becomings podcast provides listeners with an insight into these weekly zoom calls, while also expanding on their concepts and processes behind the 'Infinite Becomings' project.
Episode 1 Infinite Becomings > 1pm, Fri 16 April, 2021.
The Collective discuss their concept behind Infinite Becomings, how LUCIDA Collective formed, and their individual/ collective processes of working
Episode 2 Layers, Layers, Layers > 1pm, Fri 23 April, 2021.
The Collective discuss the development of the layers, layers, and layers of the Infinite Becomings Zine.
Episode 3 Physical and Digital Spaces > 1pm, Fri 30 April, 2021.
The Collective discuss the process behind creating their site specific installation, and working between physical and digital spaces.
Episode 4 Networks of Care and Plans for the Future > 1pm, Fri 7 May, 2021.
Listen to the Collective's conversation on the importance of collective nurturing for practicing artists, including future plans for LUCIDA Collective.

> PURCHASE Infinite Becomings ZINE LINK ~ Available Wednesday 21 April, 2021
The Zine visualises the collective stream of consciousness, and includes a postal project that allows audiences to become part of this flow.
A limited number of copies of the Zine is made available to order, posatge 3 euro within IRE & UK. Our shop site for the zine is: Alternatively, the public can also email for a copy.
Artivive app for smartphones download at the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android Artivive is a revolutionary tool that transforms the way you look at artwork. Artists can connect a digital layer to traditional artworks, which you can experience through this application. The intuitive app uses augmented reality to tap into new dimensions.
Three members of LUCIDA Collective participated in the Clancy-Quay Professional Development Programme during the early Covid-19 lockdowns: Silvia Koistinen, Michaela Nash and Katie Whyte.
NCAD Gallery, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin, D08 K521, Ireland.
Contact: Anne Kelly, Curator NCAD Gallery | In Public Programme  |  |