Dr. Mick O’Kelly



Mick O’Kelly did his PhD with Interface at the University of Ulster Northern Ireland 2009. He has studied for his BFA at the National College of Art and Design Dublin, (1982-1985) and did his MFA at the California Institute of the Arts USA, (1995-1997). He is a visiting artist to art schools in Ireland, UK, Germany, France, Finland, Brazil and the USA. He exhibits nationally and internationally and engages in contextual art initiatives in gallery and museum structure and beyond. Ongoing concerns in his work and research acknowledge the changing nature of contemporary art, and issues of situated practice, location and context. The research and work explores art tactics as urban negotiations to produce social spaces of intervention. Projects operate within arts institutional frame and urban spaces of contingency and indeterminacy where the dimensions of practice occupy an aesthetic-spatial-politics. The work brings together different methods of practice and platforms of learning. Frequently these strategies use informal kinds of knowledge and exchange of know-how and making-do tactics to negotiate everyday urban practices.