Marcus Hanratty

B.Des (Hons), MSc, PhD.

Coordinator Interaction Design, Lecturer Product Design
Marcus Hanratty

Marcus Hanratty is a Lecturer in Interaction and Product Design, and teaches across the school of design at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His research focuses on the role design and technology play in shaping people's behaviours, with a particular interest in Design for Sustainable Behaviour and the role of emotion in behaviour change. He is currently part of a number of research consortiums exploring Positive Design, and Design for Wellbeing and Happiness. His research activities are inherently interdisciplinary, but are led by a belief in the power of design practice and the designed artefact as agents of change and learning.

Marc Hanratty holds a B.Des (Hons) in Industrial Design from NCAD, and a M.Sc in Sustainable Product Design and PhD in Digital Design for Sustainable Behaviour  from Loughborough Design School. He has worked as a designer in many fields ranging from Product Design, Exhibition Design and Interaction Design in Ireland and the UK. His academic career began in research through design, before moving into teaching and course creation. He has taught a number of institutes in the UK and Ireland and now co-ordinates the MA Interaction Design programme in NCAD and teaches across the School of Design at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

Book Chapters
Lilley, D., Wilson, G.,Bhamra, T., Hanratty, M., and Tang, T., 2016,  Design Interventions for Sustainable Behaviour, Design for Social Responsibility: Design for Behaviour Change, Routledge, Oxon, UK, 2018. 

Journal Papers
Pink, S., Leder Mackley, K., Mitchell, V., Hanratty, M., Escobar-Tello, C., Bhamra, T., and Morosanu, R. 2013. Beyond Practice Theory: Applying the Lens of Sensory Ethnography to Sustainable HCI, Sustainable HCI through Everyday Practices, A Special Issue of ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (ACM TOCHI).

Conference Papers
Hanratty, M and McMahon, C. 2015. Where’s the fun in Design Research? Using pleasurable methods to unlock meaning. Faultlines, IT Carlow, June 2015.

Hanratty, M., Bhamra, T. and Mitchell, V. 2012. Digital Design for Sustainable Behaviour: A conceptual framework to guide design intervention, HCI 2012, Birmingham, September 2012.

Conference Presentations
Hanratty, M. 2015. Fixplosions! The social and pedagogical benefits of embedding Fixperts in the curriculum, Fixperts Super Salon, Kingston University, June 2015

Hanratty, M. and Wilson, G.  2012. Designed for Sustainable Behaviour: Loughborough Case Studies, Design for Sustainable Behaviour: Current Research, Future Directions, Loughborough University, April 2012

Conference Posters
Hanratty, M. 2011. Goal-framed Digital Design for Sustainable Behaviour, 'Buildings don't use energy, people do?' Conference on Domestic Energy Use and CO2 Emissions in Existing Dwellings, University of Bath, June 2011.Best Poster Award

Hanratty, M. 2011. Digital Design for Sustainable Behaviour: Making and breaking habits with cognitively aligned design, Imagination Lancaster Design PhD Conference, Lancaster University, September 2011.

Featured In
Parker, S. 2010. Social Animals: tomorrow’s designers in today’s world. RSA Design and Society, London.

Lilley, D. and Lofthouse, V. 2010. Teaching Ethics For Design For Sustainable Behaviour:
A pilot study, Design and Technology Education: An International Journal , Vol. 15.2, 55-68