Dr Anna Moran



Dr Anna Moran is a historian of design and material culture. She studied History of Art and Archaeology at University College Dublin, graduating with a BA (Hons). She later completed the V&A/RCA MA in History of Design, earning an MA (Distinction) in 2002, and in 2011 she was awarded her PhD by the University of Warwick. 

Anna held the position of Director of NCAD’s MA in Design History and Material Culture from 2006 until 2016, and is currently on career leave (until September 2021). Her research interests centre around the interaction between people and objects. She has published in the areas of glass studies, retailing history, material culture and twentieth-century Irish design and craft history. In 2018 she co-curated (with Wendy Williams) The Maker’s Hand, an exhibition marking 50 years of the Royal Dublin Society Craft Awards.  

Anna will return to her post in September 2021 but is contactable in the meantime by email at morana@staff.ncad.ie.


Moran, Anna and O’Brien, Sorcha eds. (2014) Love Objects: Emotion, Design and Material Culture, Bloomsbury: London. (A Chinese language edition of this anthology will be available in 2021)

Moran, Anna, ed. (2019) Ireland Glass Biennale, a catalogue to accompany the Ireland Glass Biennale 2019 exhibition, Dublin Castle. Available here



Moran, Anna  (Forthcoming 2021) Review of Alec Cobbe, Birds, Bugs and Butterflies: Lady Betty Cobbe’s ‘Peacock’ China. A Biography of an Irish service of Worcester Porcelain, in Eighteenth Century Studies.

Moran, Anna (2020)  ‘Developing Discourse in Contemporary Glass’ in F. Byrne (ed) Glass Ireland: The Annual Publication of the Glass Society of Ireland, pp. 27-29.

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Moran, Anna (2020) ‘ “The eye as well as the appetite must be car’d for”: Glass and Dining in Ireland, 1680–1830’ in C. L. Maxwell (ed.), In Sparkling Company: Reflections on Glass in the Eighteenth-Century British World (New York, 2020), pp. 194-229.

Moran, Anna (2019) ‘Introduction’ in Ireland Glass Biennale 2019, a catalogue to accompany the Ireland Glass Biennale 2019 exhibition, Dublin Castle, pp. 13-14. Available here

Moran, Anna (2013) ‘Enduring skill: Industry, craft, history and the future’ in Caution Fragile. Irish Glass: Tradition in Transition, a catalogue to accompany a touring exhibition of contemporary Irish glass first exhibited at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, US.

Moran, Anna (2011) ‘Tradition in the Service of Modernity: Kilkenny Design Workshops and Selling Irish Design at American Department Store Promotions, 1967-76’ in L. King and E. Sisson (eds) Ireland, Design and Visual Culture: Negotiating Modernity, 1922-92, Cork University Press, pp. 191-211.

Moran, Anna (2011) ‘Technology and Innovation: Interpreting a sketch of the Waterford glasshouse drawn by the architect C. R. Cockerell, 1823’ in J. Hearne (ed.) Glassmaking in Ireland: From the Medieval to the Contemporary, Irish Academic Press, pp. 169-83.

Boards and Committees


2019 – present: Board member of the Glass Society of Ireland and Chair of the GSoI Publication Committee

2019 – present: Member of the Desmond Guinness Scholarship Committee

2018: Member of the judging panel for the Royal Dublin Society Craft Scholarship

2011 – present: Member of the Editorial Board of Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies: Journal of the Irish Georgian Society

2008 – 2010: Member of the Editorial Board for Artefact: the journal of the Irish Association of Art Historians

Peer reviewing

Anna has served as a Peer Reviewer for a number of publishers and publications relevant to her areas of expertise.



As a specialist on Irish glass, Anna has provided consultancy to the National Museum of Ireland, and a number of private collections.

Completed PhD Supervision

Emma O’Toole ‘Objects, Spaces and Rituals: A Social and Material History of Maternity and Infancy in Ireland, ca. 1730 – ca. 1830’. (2011-2018) [Co-supervised with Associate Professor Catherine Cox, UCD] Funded by the Irish Research Council.

Liza Foley ‘From Hide to Hand: The Leather Glove as Material and Metaphor in Polite English Culture, ca. 1730 to 1820’ (2012-2018) [Co-supervised with Dr Macushla Baudis] Funded by the Irish Research Council.

June 2004: The Friends of the Hunt Museum Inaugural Bursary 2004, awarded for study of the decorative arts.  

May 2004: Thomas Dammann Memorial Award. 

June 2003: The Desmond Guinness Scholarship for 2003, awarded by the Irish Georgian Society for research carried out on early nineteenth-century Waterford glass. 

July 2001: The Clive Wainwright Memorial Prize, awarded to fund travel during the second year of the V&A/RCA MA course in Design History, 1650 - present. 

October 2000: The Friends of the V&A Scholarship, a fees and maintenance scholarship awarded to finance the 2 year V&A/RCA MA in Design History and Material Culture, 1650-present. 

June 1998: Winner of the Sempel Prize for gaining first place in the History of Art and Architecture B.A (Honours) final exams, University College Dublin.