Student Conversations

What our students are saying about their work, their influences, their experience at NCAD, why art and design matters to them and their thoughts about the future.

"One of the reasons I came to NCAD was to experience all aspects of art and design." Chenyi Ye, First Year

"First Year really opens your mind to new work and how you actually make great work." Aoife Slevin, First Year

"I’ve learned more about process, concept and research in First Year than I’d ever known before. With each module came a different brief, a different set of tools and equipment to use, and a new way of seeing and making art."  Diane Meyler, First Year

Fashion Design
"Making is really what drives me, I’ve always been a maker." Daniel Roden, Fourth Year Fashion
"I wanted to create a collection that told the story of its own life." Gwen Cunningham, Fourth Year Fashion
"Fashion is not just about wearing clothes, it's a comment on the world." Sinead Onora Kennedy, Fourth Year Fashion
Textiles & Surface Design
"I suppose I’m constantly looking at what’s going on around me." Gill Thorpe, Fourth Year Textile & Surface Design
"The concept is more important. That’s the beautiful thing about my course - I had the freedom. It was more conceptual than just typical embroidery." Orlagh O’Neill, Fourth Year Textiles
Jewellery & Metalwork
"I think I’ve grown as a person and matured a lot since I started in NCAD." Genevieve Howard, Fourth Year Jewellery & Metalwork
"With the pieces I am highlighting the idea of hair being a a ritual symbol or memorial piece. I’m trying to modernise it and bring it into the public eye." Rebecca Maddock, Fourth Year Metalwork
“I’d never done anything that wasn’t drawing and painting and here I had tutors telling me to dip my shoes in white paint and use them as a paintbrush, it made me see things from a different perspective. I’ve learnt that I love making, and designing, and that I am more of an analytical and logical thinker.”. Lara Mesanza Burke, Fourth Year Jewellery & Metalwork
Visual Communication
"I think the approach in first year sets a way of thinking in design that helps you to be more than just a technical designer. It’s about conceptual thinking. It also gives you the chance to try out different things." Stephanie McDermott, Fourth Year Visual Communication
"It’s a constant learning experience. That’s what I love about designing. It’s not something that is set in stone. Design is open." William Doherty, Fourth Year Visual Communication
"My research takes me to different places, illustration, film etc. and these references help me when I go to make things. I like the idea of turning my ideas into animation as it quickens the narrative possibilities despite being such a slow process." Sarah Furlong, Third Year Visual Communication
Product Design
"That’s the cool thing about this college, you have the time and the space and opportunity to put yourself in situations where you can make mistakes." Fabian Strunden, Fourth Year Product Design
"You have to make sure that whatever you make is relevant and fits into an environment and a place, that it’s not going to be a waste or it’s not just filling the world with more junk." Aine Coleman, Third Year Product Design


Medical Device Design
"This work is not just a response to the world, but a way of improving it. Particularly medical devices, everything we do here is to improve quality of life. It’s far more important to have a comfortable medical tool than a comfortable games controller." Stephen Williams, MSc
Fine Art - Fine Print
"I have changed one hundred percent since I started here, mainly thanks to the library." Alex de Roeck, Fourth Year Fine Art Print
"Just with the physical making, I can’t have the Great Barrier Reef explosion of life, but I can, if I create it in print." Melissa Ellis, Third Year Fine Art Print
“NCAD is a very inclusive and welcoming environment.” Rian Coulter, Third Year Fine Art Print
Fine Art - Media
"[...] We’re happy to fail if that’s what it takes to make something good." David Rogers & Ciaran Kelly, Third Year Fine Art Media
"The process has been really difficult, but also in some ways really enjoyable." Avril Coroon, Fourth Year Fine Art Media
"The studio is always open, so you get a lot of time and learn to set your own time frames. Everybody works in different ways, you kind of find your own pace. I don’t think there is a correct process. The medium and area I have chosen to work in reflects my pace." Gwen Burlington, Fourth Year Media/Joint Course
Fine Art - Painting
"When I was in fourth year in school, there was nothing I wanted to do more than go to Art College." Fergal Styles, Third Year Fine Art Painting
"My experience so far has been nothing short of fantastic." Michael O'Doherty, Third Year Fine Art Painting
“It’s not painting, it’s making a painting”, Nigel Holohan, Fourth Year Painting
Fine Art - Sculpture
"A lot of my research has come from doing my thesis on Zen and studying eastern philosophy." Cian O'Sullivan, Fourth Year Fine Art Sculpture
"I am interested in the objects, almost like a boyhood dream, the impossibilities. I am also interested in how others interact with the work, how they assign their own stories to the experience." Darragh Coyle, Fourth Year Sculpture
Fine Art - Ceramics / Glass
"The ceramics department is a comfortable place for me, it’s a good place for me, it’s positive, it’s making." Sarah Mooney - Wiegersma, MFA Ceramics
"At NCAD I had the possibility to start something new. I am enjoying it so much and it is really what I wanted to do." Jeanne Dubois, Third Year Ceramics
"I am interested in the things that aren’t really there, emphemeral, transparent things."  Meadhbh McIlgorm, Fourth Year Glass
Fine Art - Textiles Art & Artefact
"The broadness of the course is fantastic. I would honestly recommend it. " Eimear Kinsella, Fourth Year Textile Art & Artefact
"The best thing I've taken from the College is just to think differently, to analyse things." Martin Fox Phillips, Fourth Year Textile Art & Artefact
"I suppose without the experience of alternative education through the Access Office, I wouldn’t have as much patience when I‘m in mainstream schools." Avril Buttle, Fourth Year Education
"I absolutely love teaching. You can get a real energy from other people." Alanna Galvin, Fourth Year Education
"I class myself as an artist teacher. Everything I learn and do in the studio influences what I do in the classroom." Eileen Mooney, Fourth Year Education
Visual Culture
"The course makes you question everything you are seeing and think in a completely different way." Grainne Brennan, First Year Visual Culture
"For the first time ever this course was one that instantly appealed to me. It was unlike other visual culture courses that I had looked at." Jane Gleeson, First Year Visual Culture
MA Art in the Contemporary World
"The MA Art in the Contemporary World encourages me to think broadly yet strategically about my area of interest all while learning from my peers, a group of scholars, artists, and artist-scholars." Alison Fornell, Visual Culture MA Scholar