Filesender (Emailing Large Files)


FileSender is a web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other users. Please see for further information  
  How to use :  
1.   Go to


2.   Click Logon 


3.   From the drop down list Select National College of Art and Design  
4.   If prompted for Security Certs please click here  


5.   Please put in your NCAD username and password  
  A. Username is either your 8 digit student number or start of staff email address  
  B. Password is the password you use to access the NCAD wireless network  

6.   On the following screen: 
  C. Tick this box to accept terms of use  
  D. Click "Confirm" to proceed  

7.   On the following screen:  
  screengrab to confirm your details  
  E. Tick this box if you don't want to see this page again  
  F. Click on "Confirm" to proceed  


8.   The next screen allows you to upload the file you wish to send  
9.   Please don't forget to LOG OFF when finished