CEAD Part Time Certificate in Drawing and Visual Investigation (D+VI)

This part-time course offers students an opportunity to explore ideas and develop skills essential to contemporary fine art studio practice.

Applications open: To Be Confirmed
Application deadline: To Be Confirmed
Portfolio: Not required
Course duration: 1 year
Course fee 2019 - 2020: To Be Confirmed

About the CEAD D+VI Certificate

This one year certificate course is for mature students (23+) who are interested in participating in a challenging learning opportunity in visual arts education. The course is designed to meet the needs of students who have already demonstrated a commitment to their own art and design education and who wish to develop their knowledge in this field as a form of personal or professional development.  Drawing and Visual Investigation is concerned with conceptual approaches to drawing as well as developing students' direct observation, practical skills and their visual analysis.  Students completing the programme and achieving the learning outcomes are eligible to apply to the part-time diploma.

This certificate course aims to:

  • Provide students with skills and knowledge in drawing and an understanding of drawing processes;
  • Encourage students to explore the technical and expressive potential of drawing;
  • Develop students’ visual awareness and increase their skills in visual communication;
  • Develop students’ awareness of current discourses surrounding the art making process.

Who is the course for?

  • Students who have experience of drawing/painting;
  • Students who wish to develop a range of skills which will enable them to undertake drawing projects with confidence;
  • Students who wish to develop their understanding of the drawing process and the techniques and materials used in drawing;
  • Students who are interested in developing an understanding of the discourse surrounding drawing as part of visual art education.

As this is a course for adult learners, the approaches and methods used will build on students’ experiences in a manner which is appropriate within an adult education context.

Course Structure

The Certificate course will consist of a total of 144 contact hours, involving approx. six hours tutor contact per week, over a 25-week period. Configuration of classes is likely to be on the basis of two evenings per week – from 6.15 to 9pm, typically a Tuesday and Friday. Students will undertake self-directed learning hours in addition to contact hours (minimum 150 self-directed learning hours).


Assessment is continuous and formative.  Students will undertake one major and two minor assignments, various exercises, projects and a visual culture essay. Students are required to achieve a pass mark in each assignment in order to successfully complete the course.

Entry Requirements:

  1. This is a course for enthusiastic and committed students. Typically, students will already have at least three years’ experience of painting/drawing, either independently or as part of a group;
  2. Students will be required to have a demonstrated capacity to undertake the academic requirements of the course, in terms of essay and project assignments;
  3. Students will be required to complete an online application form;
  4. Leaving certificate or equivalent Fetac award at L6;
  5. 80% attendance is a course requirement.

Application Process

Students will have to complete an online application form.

Programme co-ordinators:

Anne Marie Keaveney

Helen Killane

Course tutors:

Felicity Clear

Niamh MacNally


More information:

Email: cead@staff.ncad.ie
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CEADatNCAD/
Tel: + 353 1 636 4214

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