CASS-Data Protection

Creative Arts Summer School Data Protection Statement

1. Who are the data controllers for the Creative Arts Summer School:

  • A. NCAD: Registrar, NCAD, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8
  • B. UCD:
  • C. TCD:
  • D. IADT:
  • E. MIE:

2. Who is the Data Protection Officer of the Creative Arts Summer School:

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.
  • E.

3. With whom will we share your data?

We may share your data with the following personnel:

  • Access Service staff from NCAD,UCD, TCD, MIE, IADT.
  • Workshop facilitators from NCAD, UCD, TCD, MIE, IADT


4.For what purposes will my/my child/ward’s personal data be used and on what basis?

Your/your child/ward’s personal data requested on the Application Form will be used for the purpose of administering the Creative Arts Summer School and performing the contract with you. If you fail to provide the information requested, you, your child/ward will not be accepted to participate on the Creative Arts Summer School.

If you have explicitly consented that we may do so by ticking the relevant boxes on the application form, your/your child/ward’s personal data may also be used to:

  • contact you by e-mail or telephone for research purposes;
  • notifying you of information on courses and programmes related to the Creative Arts Summer School.
  • administer medication to your child/ward, convey your child/ward to a Doctor or hospital and to share that information with medical personnel


5. Can I withdraw my consent at any time?

You may withdraw your consent at any time to the process by writing to the Data Protection Officer, NCAD, Thomas Street, Dublin 8. If you withdraw your consent, such withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of the processing prior to the withdrawal of your consent.

6. How long will NCAD, UCD, TCD, MIE, IADT retain your/your child/ward’s personal data?

If you have consented to us retaining your/your child/ward’s data, we will retain your/your child/ward’s data for a period of 4 years (2018 – 2021) unless you withdraw your consent earlier.

7. Right to request access to, rectification, erasure of personal data or restriction of processing or data portability

  • a. You have the right to access any personal data which we hold about you/your child/ward or to request the rectification of any information that we have about you/your child/ward. If you would like to access or rectify your personal data, please send your request in writing to Data Protection Officer, NCAD, Thomas Street, Dublin 8.
  • b. In certain circumstances, you have the right to request that we erase your/your child/ward’s personal data, the right to restrict our use of your/your child/ward’s data and the right to data portability. For further information, please write to Data Protection Officer, NCAD, Thomas Street, Dublin 8.

8. How do I make a complaint or report a breach?

  • If you have a complaint in relation to our processing of your/ your child/ward’s information we encourage you to  contact with a view to resolving it informally.
  • Should you wish to make a complaint or report a breach in relation to your personal data, you can do so by emailing  the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner using the following email address:

9. Automated Decision Making

We do not process your personal data in connection with automated decision making.

Consent and Data Sharing

I consent that personal and supporting information supplied by me in this application will be used by the NCAD, TCD, UCD, MIE, IADT Creative Arts Summer School Sub Group Committee to assess my application for eligibility.

Data Holding

I agree to this data being kept for the duration of the Creative Arts Summer School programme + one year 2018 – 2021.

Withdrawing Consent

I understand that I have a right to withdraw my consent at any time.