Jonathan Cummins

Researcher, Research Institute

My interests include the challenges and complexities associated with engaging with the prison institution and those within and the potential for art and film based education in this environment to operate as a dialogue of reflection and investigation. This interest emerged out of work with the NCAD Prison Art Programme from 2001 to 2011. More recently such enquiry has extended outside closed environments to consider the broader impacts of institutional life. Research themes include: the role of critical reflection in pedagogy; education as a normalising influence in institutions; the ethics of representation in cultural practices; who speaks with whom in society; citizenship, statehood and responsibility for institutions; facilitating encounters of extreme difference in world view; the roles and limits of cultural institutions; the constitution of identity through school, workplace, prison and resistance; ideological belief, representation of ideas in art, institutionalisation. Approaches include film and installation based practice employing documentary, drama, writing, participation and education. Interests also include curating and the relationships between cinema and art.

Research Interests

Research interests include moving/cinematic image in contemporary art practice, the ethics of lens-based representation, educational and participatory approaches to documentary-informed practice, film practice in contested and institutional settings and curating moving-image practice.

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