Dr Francis Halsall

MA; Phd

Course Director MA Art in the Contemporary World

My research is a practice that involves thinking, writing, talking, teaching and organizing public events. This practice is situated between two main areas: (i) The history, theory and practice of modern and contemporary art (ii) Philosophical aesthetics. In addition to my ongoing work associated with Art in the Contemporary World (www.acw.ie) I am currently working on, Niklas Luhmann’s Aesthetics. This is a project which thoroughly interrogates Niklas Luhmann’s systems theoretical account of social systems within the specific context of art practice and philosophical aesthetics. It relates his arguments on art and aesthetics to specific debates in historical and contemporary aesthetics (and in particular those in Phenomenology, Object Orientated Philosophy, Critical Theory and Institutional Theories of art). It will be presented as a book.


History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Art

Modernism as an artistic and philosophical problem

Historiography and philosophical aesthetics:  the history of art history, the conceptual foundations of the discipline and critical revisions to the discipline. The relations between art history and philosophy (with a particular focus on philosophical aesthetics)

Sociological theories of art: with particular emphasis on the systems-theoretical approach of Niklas Luhmann


Phenomenology; Object Orientated Philosophy; Photography: History and Theory; New Media: History and Theory; Museums and Galleries: History and Theory; Gender and Aesthetics

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