School of Fine Art

The domain of art has become a key growth area internationally. The Art College structure throughout Europe is the key core educator for the Creative Industries. The unprecedented growth in art consumption and in the mass media penetration of contemporary art demands careful critical examination and provides an expanded cultural resource for making sense of contemporary society.

Postgraduate study in Fine Art is about seeing the world anew, placing the accepted and unquestioned into a different light, exploring the boundaries between the private and public sphere, between the individual and society through visual expression. The School of Fine Art offers vibrant research programmes at both masters and doctoral level. The School strives to create a research environment of enhanced teaching and learning where students pursue specialisms with mutual support and opportunities for inter-disciplinary engagement as appropriate within the institution and with people and organizations outside the college.

MFA Digital Art

MFA Digital Art

MFA Digital Art is being folded into the expanded MFA Fine Art programme and will discontinue as a separate programme.

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MFA Fine Art

A two-year taught studio programme across a range of fine art disciplines. An MFA is increasingly being acknowledged as the entry point for the professional artist.

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PhD in Fine Art

PhD through fine art practice requiring the production of a major body within a critically reflective frame of enquiry.

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