Learning & Professional Practice Module

This module is offered to all incoming First Year students and provides an opportunity to learn how to locate, navigate, and utilise key information resources within NCAD Library. It also provides an opportunity for students to begin developing a range of study skills to assist in their academic development and emerging professional identity as artists/designers.

The Library administers a portion of this module in the form of an induction session, library tour, and questionnaire assignment. You will be allocated a timeslot for one of these sessions at the point of registration, during which you will also be given a hard copy of the questionnaire assignment and a zine handout. Soft copies of these, plus the slides used in the session, are available on the library website. Submission guidelines for the assignment are available below:


Submission Guidelines

• The Library assignment consists of a a three-part questionnaire - one section on the Library itself, one on constructing a bibliography, and one on conducting research.

• Answers should be printed on white A4 paper, one-sided. Typing should be double-spaced, in a printed font, and using font size 12.  Handwritten papers will not be accepted.

• The cover page should follow the template provided by the Library. 

• When submitting the assignment please ensure the cover sheet is the first page of your submission, every page of which should be stapled in the top left-hand corner:


You can download the cover sheet here and the assignment questions here.

Assignments without the cover page will not be accepted.


Submission date and time:     On or before Friday 29th September, 16:30.

Submission location:              Library Issue Desk