The NCAD Careers Service is part-time, term only,  Monday -Thursday 9.00am-2.15pm, from the 1st September to the end of June every year  The Careers Advisory Service offers advice in good faith on the basis of the best information available to it. Clients of the service must take responsibility for their own decisions based on such advice.

Housekeeping: The service is upated once weekly on a Wednesday when possible. This involves adding vacancies which are designated as 'New' and removing vacancies where the application date has passed. Vacancies may be added throughout the week and the date site is updated will reflect these additions

Graduates may avail of a one to one appointment with the careers adviser for a year after graduation. Appointments may be made through reception.


Visit http://www.ncad.ie and click on Students followed by Student Support Services/ Careers Information. This is a resource for Art & Design graduates.


 Creative Job Search-Uncovering the Hidden Job Market. On average only 30% of jobs are advertised. To find out how you can access that hidden market please click on:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urk5QBDIWak  

Updated 19/10/17

General Opportunities:

http://www.tcd.ie/vacancies scroll to see:

New: Library Assistants(2) TCD 02/11/17

New: Library Assistant (Part-time) TCD 06/11/17

New: Library Assistant ( Evenings, term time) TCD 06/11/17

http://www.indeed.ie under Dublin enter Where to see:

 New: Library Assistant RCSI Bahrain

New: USA Programmes Co Ordinator USIT Dublin

http://www.arts.ac.uk go to Careers/Find Jobs&Internships/Creative Opportunities/Creative JobBoard:

New: John Lewis  UK Studio Assistant(building& breaking down of lighting sets etc) 23/10/17


Co Ordinator for International Relations JET Programme 31/11/17


New: Golden Fleece Award 17/11/17

http://www.iftn.ie under Jobs see:

Props Designer Boulder Media  20/10/17


 TEFL Hong Kong

Visual Art/Gallery/Museum/Arts Administration/Academic

http://www.visualartist.ie under Jobs&0pportunities see:

 Dublin City Council Arts Awards 01/11/17

Assistant Curator Douglas Hyde Gallery 23/10/17

 Open Call Walkers Photographer in Residence Dublin Photographer fee 6,000euro+ 2,000 workshop budget 10/11/17

http://www.artquest.org.uk under Opportunities see:

 Thalie Lab Residency with production allowance of 10,000 euro plus workspace and residential accomodation. 31/10/17

Megalo Artsist in Residence Canberra Australiahttp://www.culturalfoundation.eu/grants/

 See details of support for the mobility of artists and cultural workers between European countries. On going application but deadline is 60 days before travel date


 A residency programme in Berlin that accepts artists from all disciplines-no close date specified

http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/museumstudies/JobsDesk?uol_r=68ac232a for an extensive list of jobs within museums and galleries

http://www.artscouncil.ie/available-funding/ See details of following:

Travel&Training Award ongoing application. Maximum award €3,000


http://www.arts.ac.uk go to Careers/Find Jobs&Internships/Creative Opportunities/Creative Opportunity Board:

New: Treatment Designer Progress Films 26/10/17



 A residency programme in Berlin that accepts artists from all disciplines incuding ceramics-no close date specified

http://www.igniteireland.ie See details on Dublin based free training & support programme designed to help people get started 


http://www.indeed.ie under Where enter Dublin to see the following vacancy designated as 'New' on 19th October

New: Mobile Jewellery Merchandiser

http://www.dccoi.ie under I am a Designer/Maker:

New: Call for application Galway Art Market at Galway Art Centre 31/10/17

New: Call for applications DCCOI External Exhibitions Fund 31/10/17

New: Call for Applications Gifted(formerly Natonal Craft Fair) 10/11/17

New:Call for Applications Craft Biennale Scotland 01/12/17

New: Calls for expressions of interest Marlay Craft Courtyard 17/11/17

http://www.fashionworkie.com click on jobs:

New: Paid jewellery De Beers Jewellery UK

http://www.ceramic.dkall year round applications for Artist in Residence and Assistants


http://www.indeed.ie under Where enter Dublin to see the following vacancies designated as 'New" on 19th October

New: Visual Merchandiser Mango

New: Visual Merchandiser Avoca

New: In store Visual Merchandiser Ted Baker

New: Buying Office Administrator Heatons Dublin

http://www.fashionworkie.com click on jobs:

New: Trends Project Assistant, Trendstop

http://www.businessoffashion.com click on careers/jobs:

New: Junior Sweater Designer, Tommy Hilfiger, The Netherlands

New: Print& Textile Designer Zeus&Dione

http://www.arts.ac.uk go to Careers/Find Jobs&Internships/Creative Opportunities/Creative Opportunities Jobs Board:

New: Paid Internship COS Head Office 27/10/17

New: Creative Print Designer, Freelance 30/10/17

New: Shoot Production Assistant

New: Stylist, John Lewis 23/10/17

New: Fashion Stylist , John Lewis

New: Freelance Fashion Illustrator 24/10/17

New: Screen Printing Assistant to Cressida Bell 23/10/17





 Visual Merchandiser House of Ireland 18/10/17


Graphic Design:

http://www.indeed.ie under Where enter Dublin to see the following which were designated as'New' on the 19th October:

New: Junior Design Intern(paid) Swrve

New: Junior Graphic Designer 3D4 Medical


Product Design:

http://www.careersindesign.com  see the following vacancies plus lots more:

New: Product Designer/Lighting Designer, Hampshire UK -up to 26,000stg

New: Furniture Designer London- up to 26,000stg

http://www.adrem.co.uk see the following vacancies  plus lots more

New: Product Designer-Consumer Electronics Brand UK

New: Junior-Middleweight Designer London

http://www.jobs.ac.uk under Creative Art&Design:

Lecturer in Product Design Loughborough University 31/10/17


Graduate Engineer(Product) InterTradeIreland 20/10/17

Interactive Design:


New: Human factors Researcher/Ergonomist


http://www.indeed.ie under Where enter Dublin to see the following vacancy designated as 'New' on 19th Oct:

New: Education Facilitator


New: Education Support Officer. 27/10/17






 National Print Museum Cultural&Heritage Studies course 48 weeks -begins 16/10/17