The NCAD Careers Service is part-time, term only,  Monday -Thursday 9.00am-2.15pm, from the 1st September to the end of June every year  The Careers Advisory Service offers advice in good faith on the basis of the best information available to it. Clients of the service must take responsibility for their own decisions based on such advice.

Housekeeping: The service is upated once weekly on a Wednesday when possible. This involves adding vacancies which are designated as 'New' and removing vacancies when  the application date has passed. Vacancies may be added throughout the week and the date the  site is updated will reflect these additions

Graduates may avail of a one to one appointment with the careers adviser for a year after graduation. Appointments may be made through reception.


Visit http://www.ncad.ie and click on Students followed by Student Support Services/ Careers Information. This is a resource for Art & Design graduates.

 Uncovering the Hidden Job Market.  To find out how you can access the hidden job  market please click on:http://www.gradireland.com under Careers Advice


Updated 18/04/18

General Opportunities:


New:  Student Services Officer BIMM 03/05/18


New: Tour Guides Shamrock Adventures

New: Activity Co-ordinators Bloomfield House


New Content/Media Officer UCD 23/04/18

New Project Assistants/Library Assistants TCD 23/04/18

New Events Executive TCD 27/04/18


http://www.myfirstjobintv.co.uk scroll to Fixed Term Contract to see:

 Social Media Assistant required for Channel 4 presenter 2hours per day 10 stg per hour, home based 23/04/18


http://www.jobs.tcd.ie under Search all see:

 Events Executive 20/04/18



 Junior Editor for Content Marketing Agency 31/05/18

 Academy Graduate Junior Production Manager 30/04/18



 See details of TEFL jobs in Europe and abroad


Visual Art/Gallery/Museum/Arts Administration/Academic/Technical

http://www.jobs.ac.uk under Creative Art& Design see:

New: Lecturer A in Contemporary Art Birbeck University of London 08/05/18

New: Technician in Printmaking University of the Creative Arts 24/04/14

http://www.jobs.ac.uk under Creative Art&Design choose View all jobs to see:

 Artist-in-Residence 16,880-16,936stg Leeds City College 20/04/14


New: Exhibition & Education Develepoment Officer Dublinia 30/04/18


New: Technical Manager Vaults Live 23/04/18

New: Film Artist in Residence UCC 08/05/18


New: Arts Intern Cill Riailig 27/04/18






 See details of support for the mobility of artists and cultural workers between European countries. On going application but deadline is 60 days before travel date


 A residency programme in Berlin that accepts artists from all disciplines-no close date specified

http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/museumstudies/JobsDesk?uol_r=68ac232a for an extensive list of jobs within museums and galleries including the following:

http://www.artscouncil.ie/available-funding/ See details of following:

Travel&Training Award ongoing application. Maximum award €3,000



 11 month Production Trainee Scheme( paid)


New In House Videographer Dunnes Stores 27/04/18



http://www.jobs.ac.uk under Creative Art & Design choose View all to see

: Lecturer in Design Innovation National University Ireland Maynooth 01/06/18


 A residency programme in Berlin that accepts artists from all disciplines incuding ceramics-no close date specified


http://www.craftni.org under Maker Opportunities see:

 Future Lights-International Ceramics Competition31/05/18

New Preziosa Young Design Competition 2019 15/11/18

http://www.dccoi.ie under I am a Designer/Maker see:

 DCCOI Ceramics Skills& Design Course 25/05/18

New Call for submissions Europe& North America Hancraft Week 01/05/18

New Call  for participants galway Potters Market 19/05/18

New Art&Craft Design Awards 31/01/18

New Can you make for Murmur 11/05/18


http://www.ceramic.dkall year round applications for Artist in Residence and Assistants


http://www.jobs.ac.uk under Creative Art&Design see


New Homewares Designer Dunnes Stores 30/14/18

New Textile Buyer Administrator 27/04/18

New Fashion & Product Photographer

New : Senior Technician (Fabric Print) 04/05/18

New: Lecturer in Textiles University of Loughborough 10/05/18

New:Senior Lecturer in Fashion University of Northampton 29/04/18


Manager in Training Hollister 26/05/18

http://www.fashionworkie.com keep on scrolling to see full time and internship opportunities. Below are a sample of current vacancies being advertised:

 Assistant Print Designer Accessorize-  end of April



Graphic Design:


New Junior Graphic Designer Internship in music business 20/06/18

 Academy Graduate Junior 2D/Digital Creative 31/04/18

Graphic Designer MOD Worldwide Philadelphia PA 02/05/18

Product Design:


New Product Design Engineer Seating Matters 24/04/18

Academy Graduate Junior 3D Creative 31/04/18 

http://www.irishjobs.ie under Publishing, Creative

New Designer Retail Spaces

New Retail Designer Johnson Outfitters

Medical Devices Design:


New Prosthetist/Orthoist Researcher Galway 02/05/18

New Design Engineer 3R Mobility 02/05/18

Interactive Design

http://www.irishjobs.ie under Publishing, Creative

New UI/UX Designer








http://www.springboardcourses.ie under Search for Courses choose Courses currently accepting applications